October 2015 Edition

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Class of 2019 Profile

One month ago, Georgetown University welcomed the Class of 2019, a talented group of 1,580 students that is the most diverse in the college’s history.

Diversity at Georgetown means a few things; it’s not limited to race but rather encompasses ethnicity, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, gender identity, age, status, sexual orientation, citizenship, nationality and physical abilities.

The class of first-year students hails from all 50 states and 51 other countries that include the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, Canada and Spain.  They identify with 19 different religions, culminating a community and conversations about interfaith. The number of first-generation college students in the admitted class is 12 percent. About 17 percent of the Class of 2019 are Asian Americans, 12 percent are Hispanic and 11 percent African American. About 8.5 percent are foreign nationals, and women make up 55 percent of the class. Additionally, 23.7 million has been allocated from Georgetown Scholarship Program.

And while these numbers provide some insight into the incoming class, each new group of students is more than just a compilation of statistics and figures.  The Class of 2019 includes:

  • One student who was mentioned by President Obama in a speech
  • Another who can has lived in five states and five countries
  • A student who speaks 18 languages, reads braille and knows sign language
  • Another who can recite the entirety of Titanic by heart
  • A student who can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds

Moreover, this class represents a 1,580-page narrative that will contribute to the enrichment of the Georgetown community. At the New Student Convocation ceremony, students were reminded several times of the differences, commonalities that unite each Hoya.

“Congratulations to the Class of 2019,” says Provost Robert Groves. “You will find that there is no home more open, committed to serving others and dedicated to educating you while enabling you to take care of the whole person like our community.”

Parent Family Weekend - Our Best Yet!

Parents Family Weekend is a special time when parents of new students, and not so new students, get to visit the campus with the start of a new season in mid-late October each year.  Some events that are scheduled for this weekend are a Georgetown football game, faculty lectures, Dean receptions, special sessions offered by Career Services, performances by our student musical and dance groups, and special DC area group excursion trips.

We believe that this will be our best Parent Family Weekend yet! Combining your interest in supporting your student at Georgetown and tons of fun, we anticipate an unforgettable weekend, full of spirit, tradition and soon to-be-memories. You do not want to miss out and you don’t have to!

Registration is open until October 12th, 2015. You can still register on Eventbrite here.

Parent and Family Weekend begins this year on Friday, October 16. If your schedule allows, we suggest that you arrive on campus by early Friday afternoon to be able to fully participate in the dean's reception, which starts at 4:30 p.m., and other on-campus activities. Parent and Family Weekend registered events officially conclude on Sunday, October 18, with brunch at 10:00 a.m. Worship services, events, and performances will take place later that morning and that afternoon, so you may wish to remain in town through the end of the day. However, many families plan to leave in the late morning or early afternoon.

We welcome you to the Hilltop and we are looking forward to our best Parent Family Weekend yet!

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