End of Semester Housing Move-Out Information

Dear Georgetown Parents,
We wish your student the best of luck as the spring semester draws to a close.​ We also congratulate our graduating seniors on ​the completion of the undergraduate career here on the Hilltop! Please read our end of semester housing move-out information, linked below, as you finalize plans to move your student out of University housing.

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Greetings Georgetown Friends & Families -

Family at Graduation

We are thrilled to have you as members of the Georgetown University community and on behalf of our faculty, staff, and administrators, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your student.

During the next few years, your student will certainly encounter new experiences and opportunities. It will be replete with challenges as your student encounters new responsibilities, expanded freedoms, demanding academic requirements, new friendships, questions around beliefs and values, and perhaps most importantly, an ever changing relationship with you. Georgetown believes that a student's support network plays a significant role in helping them adjust to these challenges. We want to work with you, hand in hand, as strategic partners to make sure your student excels, graduating with a world class education and empowered for future success.

Throughout this time of transition, know that you are not alone. We are here to equip you with resources, events and communication that will enable you to support your student for their ultimate success. Georgetown offers various programs and initiatives throughout the year, including Family Weekend in October and our monthly Hoya Family e-Newsletter, to keep you informed and connected. For information about these services and more, please explore this website. Should you have a question or concern at any point, please feel free to contact us at family@georgetown.edu.