Why a newsletter?

Over the last decade or so, our families have become more and more engaged in their students’ lives. We hear from our Georgetown families, through events like Parent & Family Orientation, that they want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening on campus and how they can be a resource to their student, even though they may be thousands of miles away. This newsletter is another excellent opportunity for Georgetown to inform and partner with our parents and families in supporting our students.


What kind of information can we expect in these newsletters?

While we’d love to put every important date, resource, tip, or event together in one place, please remember that your student goes to Georgetown University. The newsletter would be a never-ending scroll of articles, text and pictures whirling by. It’s overwhelming just thinking about it! Instead, we are going to feature a number of important topics in the form of articles with additional links to stories, events, and information we think families will be interested in. It won’t be everything, but just enough to highlight important happenings at Georgetown and keep you engaged.


What if I have an idea or feedback?

We greatly value the feedback we get from our families. It helps us to improve and step up our game. It’s the reason we have a newsletter in the first place! We have set up this form to easily collect feedback. If you have an idea for a story, a link, information you want to see – whatever – please let us know!


What if I want to update my email address, add another member of my family, or stop receiving the newsletter?

The Hoya Family Newsletter is constructed and sent out through a product called MailChimp. You can add people to receive each newsletter by signing up below. We sometimes send emails to specific class years, so make sure you select the correct year your student is graduating!